Cashew Pesto Pasta

November 3, 2020
Family Verdict:


For ONE, but the pest would stretch easily to 2 people.

Dried pasta (quantity to suit your hunger)

Handful of roasted, salted cashews

2 handfuls spinach (or other green leaf)

1 garlic clove

Olive oil

Cook the pasta. you know how.

Put the cashews, spinach and garlic in a blender with a larger gulp of good olive oil and blend to make a loose paste, add pepper to taste

Drain pasta, keeping back a cup of water. Mix the pesto and pasta together, adding a drop of the water to loosen it as required



Another Vegan dish here, really simple and quick to make which substitutes cashews for the pine nuts and parmesan of most pestos so that it is vegan rather than vegetarian. It works. I made this just for myself and it was delicious as most pesto freshly made is. I imagine it would work with any green leaf as well as spinach. In terms of quantity, this is for 1 but actually could easily have served 2 (with more pasta) as there is a large quantity of the pesto.

Simple and delicious.

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