We love eating
but sometimes cooking is a chore

Hello, my name is Mark. As a single father of 4 children from 8-18 life is busy. But I love cooking. When Sarah was alive, it was fab (for me anyway!) - she did the day-to-day cooking and I stepped in to do the "glory" stuff, when we had friends or family round for food. That kind of cooking is fun and creative, a real change from work and so on. And its very rewarding, if you get positive feedback.

But situations change and life moves on. Now I need to do the everyday cooking for the family and occasional glory stuff and we get stuck in a rut. Happens to everyone with the best will in the world. So when one of my kids said they were bored with what they were getting, it acted as a stimulus to try and change our patterns, to introduce new things and variety on top of our staples and for me to try and get some of the reward back. every day.

So here we go, this blog is an attempt to capture a journey to make every day cooking fun and rewarding, varied and nutritious. And not scary to try....

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